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It’s not easy being a Christian parent today

Are you feeling a bit isolated? Slightly bewildered? Don’t worry. During schooling years this is normal. For a parent (as well as a child) the whole education experience can often seem complex, frustrating and even overwhelming. From choosing the right school, to dealing with the vast range of issues and options children face on the journey of education, it’s a challenge for every parent. So, we hope that you find this resource a helpful guide.

Read on... It’s not easy being a Christian parent today

Education is a good thing – and God is very much interested in it. Teaching and learning help us to develop our character and our knowledge about the world that God has created for us. Education can help us to grow into the people that God wants us to be. So, it’s perfectly normal and legitimate for Christian parents to want their children to be encouraged in their faith and have an experience of Jesus that will direct their lives.

Across the world many struggle to access good education, but in the UK it’s a hard- won privilege and a statutory right. And there’s an expectation that we should all have the opportunity not only to learn the three Rs, but also to be able to discern and develop our gifts and talents – for our own benefit and for the good of all. All parents want this kind of fruitfulness for their children. All want their children to acquire the values and skills that are needed for independent living and for making a positive contribution to society.

However, the schooling system in the UK is not straightforward. It is vast, diverse and deeply political – seemingly forever subject to a bewildering, incessant flow of ideas, strategies and initiatives to deliver, improve and measure our children’s education. It is into this often confusing and fluid context that our children get their school-ing. So if as a Christian parent you feel disorientated, confused or even slightly alarmed, you’re certainly not alone…

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