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How can the church help?

What can the church community do to support parents and children in education?

Listen to parents. It’s important for the church community to be informed of what’s happening in the school community.
This can be done either informally, through day-to-day conversations, or more formally, through regular updates before services and at home-group meetings.

Listen to children. Children’s groups and youth groups in the church offer ideal opportunities to foster a sense of responsibility and mission about school life. This can be done by providing time to share experiences, study biblical stories related to teaching and learning, and to pray.

Teach. Provide good teaching to help the whole church family navigate the issues that children, teenagers, parents and school staff face.

What can the church community do to support the school community?

Be interested. It is important that church leaders encourage the whole church to take an active interest in the life of the local schools. Tell the teaching staff that the church is praying for the school and ask them what they would like prayer for.

Be involved. The church community can be a great resource to support the extra-curricular activities of the school by providing people and facilities for out-of-school clubs etc. Churches can also be good places to find volunteers to set up one-to-one reading support, mentoring programmes or projects like prayer spaces in schools.

Be investors. Schools are often in need of funds for equipment, facilities or resources, and churches can be great places to raise these funds. So find out what the school needs – and think about how your church can help to meet that need.

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