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It’s not easy being a Christian parent today

Are you feeling a bit isolated? Slightly bewildered? Don’t worry. During schooling years this is normal. For a parent (as well as a child) the whole education experience can often seem complex, frustrating and even overwhelming. From choosing the right school, to dealing with the vast range of issues and options children face on the journey of education, it’s a challenge for every parent. So, we hope that you find this resource a helpful guide.

Take a look at the You’re not alone booklet

We have developed this site and booklet because we want to inform you of your responsibilities and rights in education; and to encourage you to engage with school life more confidently. The common thread that links the various sections in the booklet is the message that Christian parents play an important role in sustaining the goodness of God across the generations – and churches should help them in this role.

Throughout history, our faith has inspired immense contributions to teaching and learning. Whether it’s developing literacy, school systems or universities – the Christian involvement in shaping and providing education is unparalleled. This has happened, and continues to happen across the world today, because our God wants all His children to grow in the knowledge and character of Christ. In understanding education in this way – as an important part of our gospel mandate to ‘disciple the nations’ – we hope that this resource encourages you to continue in this illustrious tradition. Practically, our hope is that, as parents are encouraged to support children and be more involved in school life, churches will also be encouraged to support parents. In our schools this link between churches, parents and children is vital for a healthy and happy society. You
are an important link in this chain. There’s much good you can do.

In the UK we have long-established rights to raise our families in accordance with our beliefs. Such rights are important, but as Christians we should never see rights as our primary or exclusive basis for engagement in education. Followers of Christ simply cannot be seen to operate like the many self-designated victim groups that plague our society. As this resource shows, our principal role must always be to give, to lift up, to bless, to treat others as we want to be treated ourselves, to love our neighbour – and to pray. Our responsibilities to God and to all those made in his image must above all else characterise our engagement in education. Indeed, if we fail to understand or accept our responsibilities, we may well miss the many opportunities that education provides for us to be ‘salt and light’ by demonstrating the servant-leadership of Christ to a lost world. This booklet reminds us all of our responsibilities to be faithful witnesses to God in this sphere, and to be active in
supporting our children and their school communities.

This doesn’t mean that our hard-won rights are not important. Given that freedom of religion is a foundation for many other rights and liberties in society, there also is a corresponding responsibility for you to understand your rights in education, and to exercise them prudently.

You may well have more questions on these and other issues. So, we have an extensive ‘FAQ’ section on this site for you. You can also find links to other organisations, information and resources that can help you.

You have rights and responsibilities as a Christian parent, and your potential contribution both to education and to broader society is significant. Amid the complexities and challenges of discipling your children during their school years, more than ever, you need to know that God is with you, that the church is behind you – and that you are not alone.

If you would like to find out more, or how to get copies of the booklet please get in touch.

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