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A day in the life of a reception class teacher

My work day begins when the Breakfast Club children arrive at 7.30. After greeting them I head to my classroom and set it up for the day, then go to meet the bus children at 8.40. Registering 30 children and organising their week’s dinners is no mean feat.

Between 8.40 and 3.00 it’s organised, creative, sometimes noisy busyness. Assembly, Guided Reading, singing, tidying up, activities, more singing, more tidying up…

At 3.00 I speak to a few parents at the gate and reassure them that we’ve had a good day, no tears or bumps.

Staff meeting starts promptly at 3.30 and after two hours studying Pupil Progress and analysing data my brain has turned to mush and the numbers are dancing.

Home by 6.30 and after dinner I download some new songs for Assembly, then check my emails. I reply to the ones from parents and my colleagues’ mails about timetable changes for tomorrow. And so to bed.

Saturday is a planning day. After lunch I spend at least 3 hours planning for the following week. I organise and plan our class assembly which takes another hour or so. I search for some old sheets and props that we’ll need.

Holidays – I have a meeting with the Head for a morning and spend the rest of the day organising my class room and the next 2 days sorting out my cupboard.  I spend the day with a colleague planning for the next term and we exchange various emails tweaking the timetable and more planning, organising groups, timetables, resources we shall need and visitors we want to invite in.  I do a reccie to Cley (Norfolk wildlife trust) which we’re going to visit next term, and co-ordinate with the education officer our plan of the day. Before term starts I go into school for a couple of days to organise books and label pegs and drawers etc.