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Home education

I first thought of home educating when I was pregnant with my first daughter. A second daughter followed and after they had spent a few years in a Christian school I decided that I, their mother, was better equipped than anyone to teach them, and that home rather than the classroom was the perfect environment to learn. The school did nothing wrong it was just a conviction I had.

Thus a wonderful, challenging and at times frustrating chapter of our lives began. My girls discovered my weaknesses all too soon (Maths!), but the adventure taught us more than any text book ever could. We became friends, the whole process was as much about me as them, though it took a while for me to realise that. We regularly joined with other home educators in the area, both Christian and secular. We did sports together, visited farms, mines, a worm farm, a bakery, the list is endless. They are still friends with many of those children to this day.

So now it’s over and I ache to walk in the woods with them and our old dog again, to search for wild raspberries, discover interesting insects and examine the forest floor.

Their grades to me are of no consequence. Yes, I am proud of their achievements, but I am prouder still of the young ladies they have become.

My advice to anyone considering home educating would be to seek God long and hard on the subject. Do it out of a position of joy and expectancy rather than a knee jerk reaction to some issue.

My girls recently told me that their education had been a rare privilege not granted to many.

What more could I have hoped for?

Trish, Carlisle