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Can I become a school governor?

Yes. You can become a school governor if you are over 18, and you do not have to be a parent or related to a child at the school. Many Christians are school governors, not least because it gives the opportunity to shape the ethos and values of the school. This influential role enables you to help with: the school and its strategy; holding the head teacher to account for a school’s performance; and making sure the school’s budget is properly managed.

Every school has to have parent governors who are elected (and often Dioceses are on the lookout for Christians to be Foundation Governors as part of their discipleship). From time to time most schools will be seeking nominations for parent governors for a limited number of places, typically up to two. Just applying does not guarantee that you will be chosen as a governor. It is possible that there may be no vacancies, or that the Governing Body is looking for people with different experience and skills from what you have. Before self-nominating it is important to discover more about the role by reviewing the school website, and talking to the Head Teacher or chair of governors.

To become a governor, you can apply directly to the school or via the local council. But first talk to the Head Teacher to discover the governance structure of the school and whether there are any vacancies as there are different arrangements, especially for academies and free schools. Be clear about what skills or experience you offer. Ensure that you do not come across as interested in a limited number of issues, but have the whole school as your concern – and be prepared to undertake training.

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