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Can I withdraw my child from certain lessons?

Some elements of Sex and Relationships Education are compulsory. Primary schools in England are required to teach about puberty and human reproduction. Secondary schools must provide teaching about sexuality and sexual health. Apart from this, parents have the right to remove their child from SRE lessons (where sex issues are taught outside of science). However, it is worth considering the implications and discussing it with your child before you choose to opt out. Children who don’t attend SRE lessons may be vulnerable to bullying, and they will still need to learn about sex.

In a deeply sexualised culture like our own, the best way to avoid having to withdraw your child from SRE is to teach them about sex in a godly way. Sensitively discussing the biological, emotional and spiritual dimensions of sex from a Christian perspective is the best way to protect your children.

If you do decide to withdraw your child from SRE lessons it is very important to take time to explain to your child why this is happening. It is also helpful to talk to other Christian and non-Christian parents to discern whether other children may be being withdrawn. Before exercising any right of withdrawal we would recommend discussing your concerns with the Head Teacher. Requests for withdrawals are best made in writing.