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Why are ‘British Values’ being taught, and how are they being defined?

In 2014, ‘British values’ was also added to SMSC provision in response to concerns about Islamic extremism. Schools are now required to teach about democracy and the rule of law as part of British values. However, the British values being taught now also seek to promote sexual orientation and transgender equality as a core responsibility, and Ofsted have conducted a series of inspections based on a poorly defined British values agenda.

For our children to be able to resist the promotion of secularism through ‘British Values’ teaching and to contribute effectively to discussions about national identity, it is important to:

  • raise your children with a clear sense of Christian identity – and its primacy
  • teach and discuss British history in the home
  • be prepared to challenge inspections that interrogate children and teachers in order to promote secularist agendas. Parents concerned about inspectors asking pupils inappropriate questions about things such as attitudes to homosexuality can, if they act quickly and decisively together, withdraw their children and cut short inspections. In these rare circumstances, it is important for parents to remember that, if inspectors are acting in this kind of totally inappropriate way, then the Head Teacher and Governors will be just as upset as they are.
  • be aware that British values (when taught well) make sense as a set of ground rules for how to conduct oneself in a plural society.